Why This Blog

I spent most of my twenties after graduation trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I thought that after graduating with a degree in Arts Management, I would be spending most of my career in the arts industry. I jumped from one gig to another; managing events, doing logistics and being around art for the most part – visual art, to be specific. 

That was my life from 19 – 24 years. I worked in established art organisations, new art companies, ground up initiatives… I tried, I really tried to love it but it never quite felt right. Don’t get me wrong though, I learnt so much from my experiences and I met so many wonderful characters who up till today still inspire me. Choosing to enroll in Arts Management at Lasalle is still the best decision I have ever made and I stand by it. But like I said – it just never quite felt right.

So three years ago – I made the decision to leave the industry and dabble in something completely different: financial planning and insurance! I will write more about my life here over the next few entries.

In summary, I love what I do. I’ve finally found something that will challenge me everyday of my life… for the next few decades, at least! Let me be upfront about this – I’m no top sales person. Embarrassingly, some months, I am at the very bottom. But what I am truly thankful for is the fact that I can genuinely say that I am happy (well, at least 70% of the time). 

I never have to worry about bosses, unthinkable deadlines and horrible clients. I get to meet new interesting people and have coffee with them. I truly care about each and every one of my clients and I would do my very best to serve them. Most of my clients have become people I feel I can call friends and that is something I can never get over!

What I DO feel that is lacking in my life is the fact that I feel so disconnected with myself. It’s not so much of an identity crisis but it struck me as odd (not to mention highly disturbing) that I cannot seem to answer this very simple question: “So, what do you do in your free time?”

My response to this question is usually to laugh it off and say, “I SLEEP!” and then hope that the other person will take over the conversation and tell me what makes them interesting. 

And so, I’ve listened to A talk about his diving trips, L talking about her love for food and confectionery, Z about her baby and how she’s finding out new things about her daughter and herself as a mother, V about his latest motivational talk in India, well on his way to inspiring 50 million individuals… I scrolled through their social media profiles and I marveled at how passionate they are… I LOVE IT! 

I love the way people get excited when they talk about something that matters a lot to them. I love the energy they have. I love how I feel after talking to them… and yes,that’s what I want too!




And so that is essentially what this space is about. I would like to try out a bunch of new things and write about them. I need to crawl out of my hole and get going again. I need to find something that matters to me… something I could potentially grow to love.

I hope to be able to fill this virtual space with new experiences… and also meet like minded wanderers who are hoping to find something wonderful.

P/S. That’s me caught in my natural habitat… happily shopping for snacks at Muji. 


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