Chinese New Year weekend and a kitchen adventure

I busted out my baby belling last Thursday, after years of hibernation and I decided to make the most of my long weekend. I got off my bum and searched for a recipe: easy chocolate chip cookies and my my… I am very impressed with Google. Google knows exactly what I am looking for. This was at the very top of the search results and I happily took a screenshot of it, thinking, “THIS IS IT!”


Indeed, I was so pleased with myself for such extensive research that I almost forgot my real intention for it till around 4pm that day. Yes, i know… I am the most qualified procrastinator. But I hit the stores and got everything I needed.

By 5pm, I was ready. So darn ready. I laid out all the ingredients flat on the counter… wondering if I should do a flat lay, the way millenials do. That seems like too much work and too many unecessary bowls to wash… besides, i do not have a vase of fresh flowers or a sprig of rosemary to make my flat lay aesthetically pleasing. Would people really want to see what 2 1/4 cups of flour looked like in a bowl anyway? I decided against it.

In my head, I am going to be a break out star – the asian Rachel Ray, if you will. In reality however, i found myself staring at a great big block of butter, sitting in my mother’s beautiful ceramic mixing bowl. It looked so lonely.

I took it out and hacked the butter into pieces… fancying myself as Dexter now… except that i’m just decapitating butter. I wondered how he managed to make hacking off someone’s torso look so wonderfully zen while there i was, panicking and wondering if i just messed up my butter measurements and therefore, the whole recipe.

Would I have anything at all to show for my efforts?

Yes, i messed it up, of course!

Here in Singapore, butter for baking’s sold in blocks of about 225 grams each. That was what I used in entiety. I suspect that the 1.5 sticks mentioned in the recipe isn’t quite as much. My batter turned out a little too creamy. Looked more like cookie shake as opposed to cookie dough 😩

The only logical thing to do is to bury the butter in flour, isn’t it? And so i did. Dexter would be proud of how well I am concealing evidence.

The cookie dough turned out quite pleasant after that, with the chips added in! Chocolate solves most problems. I knew it. I ate most of the dough before I finally remembered to throw some in the oven.

My first batch was a little flatter than I would have liked them to be. It tasted alright but nothing Rachel Ray would approve of. Then again, this is not her recipe.

I managed to produce a very diverse batch of cookies from the same cookie dough! How’s that for progress, ey? We have the united nations right here, cooling off. Some brown ones… white ones (a tad undercooked, perhaps?) and i hate saying this but i had to trash the burnt black ones because they smoked up my oven.

My boyfriend said that every cookie tasted different and i said, with a little too much passion that “All my cookies were made different, as how God intended us to be when He made us.”

He rolled his eyes.

Yes, i get it… I am no Creator in the kitchen. More like Dobby the Elf from Harry Potter, minus all the magic at this point in my life.

Was it the first time baking for me? Yes, first in three years. I usually use Betty Crocker’s mix. I found out that I quite like pretending to be someone I am not in the kitchen.

Also, i didn’t know that the smell of butter sticks to you like the stench of baby vomit. No matter how much I showered and shampooed my hair (yes i got butter in my hair last Thursday night).

Other than that… I cannot really complain about baking because it really squished my appetite. I just didn’t feel like stuffing my face while everybody else stuffed theirs with my cookies. Funny how preparing food does that to you. The cook (usually not me) enjoys their own cooking far less.

Am i proud of myself? For sure.

Stay tuned for my next adventure in the kitchen. I am so domesticated this weekend I am totally charming my own pants off!


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