Friday’s Shepherd’s Pie Dinner

I’ll be writing about my first experience making my own version of Shepherd’s pie sans Worcester sauce and wine. It is a halal version, basically, made with red meat.

These are the ingredients I used, in no particular order, with no particular measurement. This blog is not a recipe blog. My style of  writing is geared towards the experiential side of the activities that I engage in. I suppose it’s like reading erotica without actually masturbating. It just occurred to me that my mother could be reading this.

So anyway, the ingredients are:

For the filling –

  1. Minced beef (enough to feed your intended guests)
  2. Sweet large french onions
  3. Capsicums (i’ve got a long standing love affair with these things)
  4. Carrots (I didn’t bother cutting them just grated them in)
  5. Red pepper flakes (left over from the time we ordered Domino’s)
  6. Tomato sauce
  7. Oyster Sauce
  8. Thyme
  9. Black pepper
  10. Oil (to fry it in)

For the potatoes

  1. Holland potatoes (you can use whatever you like)
  2. Butter (to your liking)
  3. Salt
  4. Pepper
  5. Garlic powder (because grated garlic might be too overpowering)
  6. Oregano
  7. Splash of milk

That’s about it really. Actually it looks like alot of work but it felt much easier to do than the baking.

I added an extra step of cooking my minced beef with ginger in a pot first (just bring it to a boil but don’t add any water!) because I just hate the meaty taste.

Then you just fry it together with the onions and vegetables in a pan and it should look something like this; after you spread it out nicely in your dish.

The thing about me is that I am rather reckless and disorganised in the kitchen. I could be peeling potatoes one moment and then find myself rummaging through the refrigerator looking for chilli padi to spice up my dish (and hopefully my life as well).

It is no wonder that i managed to slice my finger in the first 30 minutes into the preparation. Thank God i had my sister around to help me disinfect the work area while i allowed myself to bleed out a little over my bathroom sink.

My first thought was to put my finger in my mouth and suck the blood out to stop the bleeding but i was worried that i’d find myself enjoying the taste. Now that would be opening a different can of worms altogether. What a strange thing to be writing about!

Allow me to digress a little since we are on the topic of blood… and talk about vampires on TV. I’ve watched so many different depictions – from my very first introduction to Count Dracula on Sesame Street to Buffy, to Twilight to Vampire Diaries and even a few episodes of Penny Dreadful but the most unforgettable vampire is definitely Brad Pitt’s and Tom Cruise’s Interview with the Vampire! Louis and Lestat. Can it get any sexier.

Yes, this thought runs through my head everytime I accidentally step on a snail. Sigh.

STUNNING SCREENPLAY! Who’s your favourite vamp? Okay i bet this is going through your mind right about now…

Back to my pie story —

My sister ended up doing most of the chopping while i was happy to just wait for the potatoes to boil. I LOVE MY SISTERS. That is another random fact about me.

Now, because I am so terrible at multi-tasking, I do not have any step-by-step photos of my pie.

I actually managed to burn my fingers because i stupidly touched the pyrex dish right after i discarded my oven mittens. Utterly disastrous in the kitchen but the pie looks good, doesn’t it?

Right out of the oven but i did not manage to get it to brown evenly

Yes… the meat to potato ratio is very off but i’m not about to lie and steal a photo off someone else’s site even though it will definitely make my post 100% more pleasing to the eye.

It tastes a lot better than it looks though! I am very much looking forward to making this again… Except maybe i’ll do it Gordon Ramsey style and add grated mozzarella to top it all off 🙂


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