7 min work out, 7 day challenge: DAY 1

I was introduced to this idea by my friend and colleague, Vicky, during one of our sales meetings sometime last year. I think it is truly worth a shot if you are stuck in a rut like me and you would like to break out of your very own monotonous cycle.

The idea is that you would have to pick ONE thing that you would like to improve on and commit to doing that ONE activity every single day for the next 7 days.

It could be as simple as waking up at least 45 mins before work to have breakfast if you are the sort who runs on caffeine & ciggs in the morning. You can also choose something like – call a different friend  everyday for 7 days just to touch base if you feel like you’ve been very socially withdrawn and would love to reconnect with the human race but don’t know where to begin.

I’ve chosen to do 7 intensive minutes of exercise everyday at 7am for 7 days a week.

It sounds like doing two things at once but i usually get up around 6:30 am anyway for our fajr prayers but I always end up going back for a snooze right after. The workout will hopefully get me up and about for real, getting my body started for the day ahead.

I’ll be writing about my progress everyday and who knows… maybe my stamina will get better! And then we can talk about an actual exercise routine. I’ve attempted Blogilates and also Jen Ferrugia’s work out plans but i could never last more than 10 mins.

It always leaves me feeling very resentful and not to mention epic-ally useless. Maybe it’s just that way for people like me who lack focus and drive. Let’s hope I break my bad habits, at least for the upcoming 7 days.

You can read about the benefits of the 7 minute workout on Huffington Post here . It is worthy to note that the article mentioned how beginners should start with the 7 minutes and then gradually build it up to 3 rounds of the 7 minute workout – which brings it to a full 21 minutes to unlock the full benefits.

Here goes, *deep breaths*. I am zen.

Day 1: 30th Jan 2017

Time check: 6:49 am

I was honestly contemplating whether or not I could do it because the idea of going back to bed is more appealing. I realised that I didn’t even have the app on my phone anymore so I went on the apple store for a quick browse. There were quite a few to choose from.

App used: 7 minute workout by ABISHKKING LTD. 

No frills, super easy to use. You just dive right into it.


Perspired buckets after the final exercise. Here’s a breakdown:

  • 12 different cardiovascular exercises
  • 30 seconds for each exercise
  • 10 seconds of rest in between.

You can up the intensity for yourself by increasing the number of reps during that 30 seconds if you’re not a sack of potatoes like i am.

This felt easy to do for me… very thoughtful of them to open with a very encouraging one.

I felt my legs shake around the 15 second mark and realised that it really works your back and thigh muscles if you go lower

Now this is something I’ve always had trouble with. My arms can’t seem to support my weight. I did 3 push ups for the duration of 30 seconds. MAJOR FAIL.

I was ecstatic to be able to lie on my back for this one. ‘Nuff said. I did as many as i could. 18 crunches, only

Totally unprepared for this one. I scrambled around looking for a chair. I didn’t have one in my room that I feel could support my entire weight during the step ups. I skipped this one. Replaced it with frantic scrambling about instead

I did 12 squats. And then i sat.

I used my bed for this one. Luckily i have one of those orthopaedic mattresses that doesn’t really sink in and is pretty stiff. I would recommend using a chair though.

I lasted only 15 seconds!!!!

I was severely out of breath at this point and I felt my whole world shake under my immense weight as I was doing this. #fatty


I couldn’t do this so I replaced it with another 15 seconds of planking.

I found this to be much easier than the usual planking. Convinced that I must have done it all wrong! Maybe my legs are in the wrong position and they ended up supporting all of my weight instead?

Key observations:

  1. It really left me out of breath and panting
  2. The 10 second break is not enough!!!
  3. Thank God the torture only lasts for 7 mins!
  4. I really like the music and countdown in the app

Day 1 down, 6 more days to go! At least for tomorrow, I know that I’ll need a strong, stable chair for this work out.

I do feel a lot fresher and I’ve stopped perspiring by the time I publish this entry – just in time for a shower. May today be a wonderful Monday for all of us.

I’ve got a New Year gathering to attend over at my bosses’ crib later… and I hope I would be able to control my eating.

Note to self: IT WAS ONLY 7 MINS OF EXERCISE. It is enough only to get you out of bed but not enough to burn all your calorie intake for the day. 


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