Lunar New Year & a lil bit of blackjack and poker 

The invitation to celebrate the auspicious time of year with the team at the bosses’ home has become a yearly tradition that I find myself looking forward to, ever since I joined this line of business. 

As much as I do not really observe these superstions… it’s lovely to be a part of the exchanging and rolling of oranges  in to your place of commerce and also homes to welcome wealth and prosperity into the new year. 

My favourite part has got to be the “lo hei” (the tossing of the prosperity salad). Hey, what’s there not to like about it? It’s probably the only time you get to play with your vegetables and eat it too… and hopefully be blessed with good fortune for the rest of the year! There is a whole lot of significance to this practice, for sure (you can have Google educate you on it if you are curious) but for me, it’s just the best salad ever that you only get to enjoy on Chinese New Year! Huat ah! 


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