7 min, 7 day challenge: Day 2

You may find that this entry is a little abrupt, with little context. If you are interested, click here to read Day 1 and the spirit behind this challenge. It is a real challenge for me but I get that the average person can probably do the workout without breaking into a sweat.


Okay so i did not manage to wake up at 7am to do it… but i did just finish it even though I just got home from work.

Time check: 10:25 PM

I honestly truly do hate any form of exercise and I wish I never ever have to work out.

Did it feel easier? No.

Even the jumping jacks did not feel easy today. 30 seconds felt like 30 minutes. And I wanted to give up so bad during every 10 second break in between the different exercises. The only thing that kept me going is the thought of blogging my failure to commit to myself.  Wow. I didn’t really think I could feel accountable to my own blog.

Today, my favourite part is the wall sit. At least it allowed me to catch my breath… even though my legs were shaking but I honestly thought I held up better as compared to the day before.

I must be really tired, walking around in heels today. I’m admittedly very disappointed that I did not wake up early enough to do it at 7am but hey, 7am is coming up again in about 7 hours time!


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