7 min, 7 day Challenge: Day 3


And so… we are on to Day 3. It feels like I’m finally figuring out why routine gets you going. You occupy your mind with the things you have to do and eventually, you will just do them. This is of course, a very literal understanding of the quote. Getting your mind to focus on the right things is another topic altogether.

I have, unfortunately been occupying my thoughts with lots of junk and that has got to stop. I spend so much of my energy on feeling so self conscious about what I write because I didn’t want to be judged. There were so many moments where I wanted to post something about the US’s current state of affairs but I was too afraid of being told that I am complete wrong or that I didn’t understand what’s happening… But honestly, whose opinions about the whole Trump issue are based on facts these days? Everything’s twisted and unrecognizable.

That’s what the donuts above are about. Donuts are just so ironic. They look like they would give you nothing but joy but it’s really all just diabetes waiting to happen. #donutporn

Back to the challenge, for some context, click here if you wanna know what this is about: Day 1

Click here if you are interested in what happened the following day: Day 2

So DAY 3!

I slept in my yoga tights and sports bra so that I could just jump out of bed and get into it the next morning. If that is not dedication, I do not know what is (probably laziness, you freak).

Let me tell you something. Sleeping in your sports gear is uncomfortable and extremely restrictive. Mine aren’t Lululemons or any of those high end stuff. I wake up every 30 mins or so to roll the band of my tights back up over my muffin tops. Too graphic, too graphic, you freak! Only crazy people would sleep in a sports bra. It’s like a frikin strait jacket and humidity in Singapore… let’s just say that my intention was not to grow mushrooms in my cleavage (ewww.)

It was the worst sleep ever but the good thing about being restless is that I woke up waaaay earlier than I intended to – with a terrible headache and a slight fever. I popped panadols in and I did the exercise at 5:20 am this morning!

3 things I noticed that I liked:

  1. The planking felt easier. I made it through 30 seconds without having my butt in the air at any point!
  2. I tried bending my arms during the push ups and I THINK i managed to bring my chest closer to the ground without buckling my knees in
  3. My headache was gone by the time I rolled on the floor after the whole thing.

Things that I didn’t like:

  1. I fell right back to sleep after the exercise, on the floor, in my pool of sweat (yuck)
  2. I woke up an hour later with an even higher temperature and a whole lot of body aches… which I left me no choice but to postpone lunch plans.

My friends came over to my place later in the evening after their jog armed with badminton rackets. I felt better so I played for like 10 mins. Okay I admit, I didn’t really play i was mostly running after and missing the shuttlecock. Terrible hand eye coordination!

And they made me do another 5 min SWORKIT workout (it’s a great app, go check it out). Nobody else broke into a sweat but me. I actually broke into cold sweat. That can’t be good.

My body is ridiculously underused and abused.

So…. that’s that… It’s 10:30 pm and I think I should be good to go again tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long productive day, I hope. Please fever go away.




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