Life Update: First Quarter of the Year is almost up!

I’ve got a couple of posts that I am still researching and writing, one of which I hope you will find useful when it comes to deciding on whether or not your agent ripped you off – so stay tuned for that! It will be focusing on my view as both a consumer and insurance peddler  I meant financial consultant (hehe). Stay tuned for that!

I haven’t written anything since Valentine’s day because I didn’t think there was anything worth publishing. My thought process goes something like this… would it ruin my curated site if I were to just publish whatever I liked, as if this is Twitter? Or would it just add to my authenticity as a lazy, unfiltered specimen of the humankind – one which I am not even sure exists anymore today. Everybody is constantly doing exciting things, holidaying at the most exotic villas while here I am… still pretty much trying my best to be consistent at something. Anything, honestly!

A few exciting updates that happened over the first quarter

1. My boyfriend and I finally applied for a flat!

I immersed myself in calculations for days and we are currently in the midst of trying to figure out if we should pay off the loan via cash instead of CPF (after the initial downpayment of course) because I want him to be able to have a nice cash cushion when the time comes. Plus, if we were to transfer some money from the Ordinary Account to his Special Account, he will be able to enjoy a 5% growth each year, without fail! There are pros and cons to this of course… this means that we won’t be able to enjoy tax rebates on top of everything else. And there is also that constant fear of never having enough cash on hand… what if my bf loses his job. What if i just suck so bad I have no sales for 6 months straight? BUT it does mean that if we choose to sell the flat in future to upgrade or whatever, we will have more cash in hand. Which is why we chose to start with an inexpensive starter home.

SHAMELESS PLUG: DROP ME A MESSAGE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO ME ABOUT BUDGETING AND PLANNING FOR YOUR HOME. I am just as interested as you are in the current policies surrounding this and many more.

2. I started swimming again

Yes this I did! It was all thanks to that random night where my friend Aida invited me over to join her friends for a late night swim. It was so last minute that I actually bought the ugliest and most oversized spandex swim top (is that even a thing??) from Giant! Way to go, great first impression. I had so much fun with the girls that I started swimming more on my own by myself. It helps that I have access to a public pool just a stone’s throw away from where I live. I can feel myself panting at first… but hey, it’s been getting much better! The only problem is that I get SO HUNGRY after a swim! Madness!!!!

3. I am planning a little soft launch for…

Aside from my usual business of insuring people, I have been sourcing and working with this company to bring in some very gorgeous pieces of _____ at very affordable prices! I cannot wait to show you guys what it looks like! I’ve been working on designing the packaging it’s truly been an exciting little project. I am only bringing in 20 pieces of these to test the demand. So… yes. Maybe it’s your kinda thing… maybe it’s not. All I know is that I REALLY LIKE IT.

Alright, that is it for now. Heading out in a bit – meeting my book club for a read-aloud session! I’ve always wanted to perform (theater) but never got the guts to do so! I was always worried that none of the costumes fit me and all the wardrobe masters and mistresses would hate me and curse me. The closest I ever came to performing was probably reading “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” very animatedly to a bunch of kids… so yes, I am very happy to read a few paragraphs in my lovely crisp voice for a few adults over a cup of tea!


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