Bauble Collection #1: The Sleeping Beauty

I am finally back after a crazy hectic April (I shall write about being a caretaker for the sick in another post) and I am ready to try my hand at e-commerce! I’ve always wanted to design jewelry, earrings, specifically because it is close to impossible to find something that will suit my style and personal taste AND most importantly, cost under $200 SGD cause this girl here likes her diamonds and nothing from our favourite costume jewelry store, Lovisa seems to cut it anymore. I spend ages trawling the likes of Etsy but still… people are either selling custom made jewellery that are so beautiful but still costs a bomb or the finicky China-made (but claims to be Korean-made) variety.

Allow me to introduce to you… The Muffinface approved baubles that I have tried and tested for a year; tweaking the design as I went along so that it’ll be comfortable enough to wear these babies to sleep, hence the inspiration for my first collection ever! I even shower with them sometimes because this girl here is lazy.  I don’t call them my everyday earrings because the first two, especially are my top picks for EVERYWEAR (everywhere)!

1. The Rose Gold Pearlettes

I’ve got a guilty pleasure when it comes to enjoying anything Chanel-esque, if you know what I mean. I adore Coco Chanel’s timeless elegance and I would carry any of her bags in a heartbeat but when it comes to jewelry… I prefer to go down the understated look. Something that doesn’t scream I’M DOING A FREE PRODUCT PLACEMENT HERE!

You wear the earrings. Don’t let the earrings wear you.

Made with 925 silver 🙂

SGD 13.00, with free normal mail for local orders!


2. The Cool Silver Pearlettes


Sister to the Rose Gold ones above, I cannot resist having it made in silver too. Silver brings out the sparkle from the man-made gem stones that adorn these baubles! I switch between the two colours quite often, depending on my choice of necklace and rings.

Made with 925 silver 🙂

SGD 13.00, with free normal mail for local orders!


3. Vintage Teal Earrings

I have a soft spot for anything teal because I feel an overwhelming sense of calm wash over me. These earrings are so versatile – it’ll compliment an all black outfit with a pop of colour but it’ll also further soften your look if you are into more pastel hues. Wear it for a picnic. Or pair these with your boho dress and a bunch of gemstone rings and you’re channeling Esmerelda.

SGD 8.00, with free normal mail for local orders!


So there you have it! I acutally set up shop on my own little corner of the vast world wide web. I’m happy. Time to go do the other thing I do – financial consulting.


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